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Tips For Performing Competitor Research | Digital Marketing Strategy

Competitor research is one of many tasks that helps businesses tomake their digital marketing strategy to work more efficiently. It should be performed in the early stageswhile you are setting up a digital presence for your business. Here are some of the tips that will help you get solid insight into what your competitors are doing to improve their visibility and growth, and provide you with certain options to do something out of the box for your business.

1. Identify Your SEO Competitors

An SEO competitor is someone who is organically ranking for the primary keywords and phrases that are related to your business.Compile a list of the main search terms and phrases that relate to your business, products and services. Then have a look at who ranks well for these terms. If a search result ranks for multiple search terms and phrases then consider that one as your main competitor.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the buyer’sbehaviour has changed nowadays dramatically. This means most people use simple language while searching for products and services as per their needs.

2. Use Competitor Research Tools

There are a number of tools you can use to gain valuable insight while performing competition analysis. These tools analyse your competition’s website, compare their traffic and keywords status to yours, and some even provide data related to paid search campaign’s and social insights.

SEMrush is an ideal tool to use for researching your competitor’s organic ranking history and keywords and search terms they rank for. It also allows you a number of free searches before yousign up for their trial.

3. Check their Backlinks

Once you have defined your top SEO competitors you will need to check their backlinks. Backlinks are pretty much valuable because, if the links are healthy, they can help you improve your website’s ranking and domain authority. However, if the qualityof the links you have selected are poor the search engines can penalise your website and certainly drop your ranking on the search engine.

Note: You will want to target the domains for backlinks while looking for similar businesses domains related to your products and services.

4. Analyse their Blog

Blogging is a very crucial aspectfor any digital marketing strategy.Firstly, determine if your competitor’s blog is unnecessarily stuffed with keywords, or it focuses on hot industry topics that helpsto resolve consumer needs. Content created while keeping in mind the common concerns in a simple language not only ranks well, but helps you convert your prospects too.Remember that blogs serve more purposes than just improving SEO. Good content will nurture and convert your potential customers and create brand awareness that differentiate you from the similar businesses.

5. Identify Your Social Media Competitors

Understanding who your social media competitors are is a very important aspect to achieve your growth goals through a well-thought and planned out digital marketing strategy. Having an active presence in social media is a must because it helps businesses:

  • Generates valuable social signals to your website which ultimately helps to improve SEO
  • Allows easy engagement with targeted audiences
  • Provides opportunities for people to engage and market your content by sharing
  • Gives you the ability to promote your brand’s identity and values it stands for
  • Draws traffic to your blogs, product and services pages

There are a number of viral marketing strategies that can be performed using various social media platforms. These can range from complex strategies to simple ones depending upon the need of businesses.When analysing your competitor’s social media presence pay attention to the type of messages, blogs and articles that people like and dislike. Also pinpoint the time and day when people engage the most with your competitor’s posts.Plan your content, target audience, and posting schedule accordingly.

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