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How fit is your Brand?

a moment of truth.

“A fit body is your choice, but to evaluate a fit brand is that of your customer’s”

Jyoti Kaundinya

The physical value of your product may be easy to reckon, but your consumer’s perception is what really decides the value your brand and product have in the marketplace.

For a continuing success of an establishment, the propensity to construct worth into a brand and convey this worth to customers with an effective marketing strategy is all-important.

Here are 7 standards to evaluate your brand fitness:

1. Does your brand communicate peace of mind?

The products your customers use in a way their lives are affected by emotional quotient of happiness, comfort and satisfaction. In order to make customers form opinion of trustworthiness and peace of mind when buying, your brand must deliver positive experience so they use it consistently.

2. Does your brand saves decision time?

So you are in the market for a new HDTV and decide to search Amazon. You type in “HDTV” and get 101,685 results. How do you cull the list down to a manageable number of choices? You choose a brand. Type in “Samsung HDTV,” and you reduce your choices to 1,319. Picking a brand helps reduce the clutter, making it easier to find what you are looking for.

3. Does your brand create difference?

Ever wonder what makes us select one cheese brand over another? You will see endless products sitting on a grocery aisle to reasonably expand your purchasing options. With a minimum of thought branding helps us define in an instant, which ultimately makes your product more desirable than your competition.

4. Does your brand provide safety?

With the steady increase in extremist content, fake news, and brand advertising appearing next to unsavory content, brand safety has now been thrust fully into the limelight. People, by nature, generally avoid risk and seek safety.

5. Does your brand add value?

Even though Jeep sells cars with their branded logo, they can also put that same logo on pens, t-shirts, hats, and so much more.Why do consumers pay higher prices for brands compared to unbranded or generic products? Successfully branded products make more money for their companies by commanding premium prices.

6. Does your brand express who you are?

People become emotionally attached to the brands they use and view them as part of their self-image. Lifestyle has a great impact on consumer behavior and brand preferences. Very often, consumers tend to choose brands that are considered “appropriate” for their self-image. What smartphone do you own? What car do you drive? What shoes do you wear?The brands we use make a statement about who we are and who we want to be.

7. Does your brand give consumers a reason to share?

In our increasingly social world, we have more opportunities than ever to spread the benefit of our experiences. It is noted that having a positive experience with a company, nearly 80% of customers would recommend the brand to a friend.

Do you need a fit brand?

Whether you are a small scale business or a large scale business, creating a brand driven marketing strategy is one of the most important thing one can do for their company and we might help you build a successful brand you are waiting to launch. / +91 9888552716

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