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Celebrate Organic: Three Women Who Said No To Pesticides!

Celebrate Organic! Why?

As eyes twinkle with lights, hearts are warmer with love and affection and happiness is spread around this wonderful time of the year. Much awaited festival of India, Diwali known as festival of lights across the world now.

Diwali brings us the joy, happiness and time to be with family. Often times we ignore harmful things we are doing to ourselves and to our surroundings. Be it noise and air pollution by crackers or relishing on our favourite sweets or gifting the nuts & other food items full of unwanted unnatural ingredients. This Diwali these three women have come together to pledge towards better and healthier choices, just like they did for their ventures.

We at NEXwhaT are celebrating Organic Diwali, with our gifting options, our food choices and our ways to celebrate the festival. Here is how each of these powerful women are doing it. Celebrate Organic!

NEXwhaT Co-founder, also Mrs. Body Fit 2018 – Mrs. India Earth winner. Ms, Jyoti K Dhillon has inspired many lives towards fitness and is herself big enthusiast of organic living. As she says “During my journey from fat-to-fit I saw that the major challenge we face is the healthier food choices. Fitness routine works on a rhythm but it breaks as soon as the food goes inside our body. I believe that there should be whole ecosystem which is driven by better fitness routines, bursting the myths around eating and building organic food chain for sustainable organic living. Every time you buy organic, you’re persuading more farmers to grow organic. This creates a balanced demand and supply relationship in the ecosystem, with right choices for better and fitter future.

I am celebrating Diwali with replacing sugar with honey and dates in all the delicacies.

In line with our initiative at NEXwhaT, we interviewed founder of an interesting startup making organic products more accessible to everyone and bring innovation towards better living. Here is our talk with Seeza Bhardwaj, Founder – The Green Loom 

As Seeza describes, “I would say, moving towards organic living is not a short term diet, it’s a long term lifestyle change. When we started our journey with organic products, people felt that it’s a fashion statement. Only few could afford it. But with right products, more approachable pricing and our commitment towards better products we have been able to reach out much larger audience. When every other thing around us is adulterated with pesticides and harmful chemicals causing cancer and other hazards to our life, definitely moving towards more natural & plant based products is needed at this time. Be it the beauty products we use or food we eat we should make change towards better and organic choices.

I am celebrating Diwali with a small puja at home, lighting natural mitti diyas and relishing on super yummy home cooked sweets.”

NEXwhaT Co-founder and mother of two kids, Varsha Varsani, suggest “The best gift we can give to our next generation is the ability to make right choices. We have the responsibility to lay right stepping stones for our kids with each factor in their upbringing. When kids are more attracted towards pizzas and burgers, it is hard to make them eat the traditional food. Diwali is the time when everyone is looking forward to the Indian rituals and celebrations. This is also the time to introduce them to more natural ways of living, better choices for self and environment. And let me tell you, they make really good advocates. This Diwali I am definitely saying no to unnatural, processed foods and starting traditions of organic living for my family.”

We request everyone to stay away from crackers, enjoy noise and pollution-free Diwali and don’t forget to buy ‘diyas’ from road-side vendors. 

We, at NEXwhat, wish you a very Happy and Safe Diwali!

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